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Sep 22

2 U.S. Reps demand details of Oberlin professor’s job

Jason Hawk, The Chronicle-Telegram Sep 30, 2022 5:00 AM OBERLIN — Two members of Congress say religion professor Mohammad Jafar…
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Sep 22

Exclusive: Congress probes Oberlin College prof. with links to Iranian regime

A letter sent to Oberlin wants answers on professor’s ‘apparent leading role in covering up the Iranian regime’s atrocities’ By Benjamin…
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Sep 22

Iran’s first UN envoy slams Oberlin College Prof. as ‘agent of totalitarian theocracy’

“It’s shameful that Oberlin College allows Mahallati, with such a dark past and present, to have access to young students…
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About Us

We are a group of former political prisoners in Iran, families of executed political prisoners, human rights activists who work (seeking) for justice and accountability, and international jurists who have examined the record of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s gross human rights abuses.