Our First Letter to Oberlin College

Dear President Ambar,

We the undersigned are a group of former political prisoners in Iran, families of executed political prisoners, human rights activists who work for justice and accountability, and international jurists who have examined the record of Iran’s gross human rights abuses.

We were deeply disturbed to recently learn that Mr. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati serves as the Nancy Schrom Dye Chair in Middle East and North African Studies at Oberlin College.  We believe, based on the information set forth below and available through the links below, that his appointment to this role is at fundamental odds with the values of Oberlin.

As you may know, Mr. Mahallati was Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations between 1987 and 1989.  During that time, we believe the evidence linked below demonstrates that his role was to obfuscate and lie to the international community about mass crimes perpetrated by the Iranian regime.

While Iran’s regime has committed numerous human rights violations in its forty-year history, its mass killing of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 stands out for its depravity and cruelty.  Over the span of three months, Iran’s regime, based on a Fatwa (Islamic Decree) issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, subjected thousands of political prisoners across the country to minutes-long “re-trials” (which failed to meet all international standards of due process) presided over by what the prisoners came to call “Death Commissions.”  Based on no more than a few questions about their political or religious beliefs, prisoners who had already faced (albeit inadequate) trials and sentencing, who had served several years in prison, and who had been subjected to gruesome torture were sent by the Death Commission to hang.  Ayatollah Montazeri, the cleric who served as Iran’s second-in-command at the time, estimated that at least 3,800 prisoners were killed that summer.  Others believe the number was considerably higher.

The 1988 massacre is now well-documented.  Amnesty International calls the killings “ongoing crimes against humanity.”  Human Rights Watch agrees with this legal assessment. In 2012, The Iran Tribunal, a one-of-a-kind grassroots movement modelled on the famous Russell Tribunal of the 1960s came together to document the atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) during the 1980s. The presiding volunteer international judges, who are some of the highest human rights academics and jurists in the world, unanimously concluded that the IRI’s crimes fit the definition of crimes against humanity, as described in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. In 2013, Canada’s parliament recognized the massacre as constituting crimes against humanity.

According to the detailed report of Amnesty International, the agency issued at least sixteen (16) Urgent Action notices between August and December 1988, mobilizing their activists to send letters to Iranian authorities to call for an end the extrajudicial killings of political prisoners immediately (P.65). The first one of these Urgent Actions was issued on August 16, 1988, after the mass execution of supporters of a militant opposition group named the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and about eleven days before the mass execution of about one thousand leftist prisoners. Amnesty activists sent thousands of telegrams, telexes, and letters to the head of Iran’s Supreme Court, the Minister of Justice, and the diplomatic representatives of Iran in their respective countries urging “the condemnation of all outstanding death sentences and an end to executions in Iran.”  As such, we submit that it would be impossible to believe that any senior leader in Iran, and certainly not its UN Ambassador, was unaware of the atrocity unfolding across that country.

Regrettably, the historic record shows that Mr. Mahallati did not use his unique position at the United Nations to draw public attention to these crimes, nor did he publicly implore Iran’s government to end this criminal activity.  Instead, he issued statements and delivered speeches denying these crimes, refuting the extent of the executions, and disputing the validity of the names provided in the reports.

Amnesty International writes: 

For example, on 29 November 1988, Iran’s permanent representative to the UN in New York, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, denied the mass executions in a meeting with the UN Special Representative on the situation of human rights in Iran, and claimed that “many killings had in fact occurred on the battlefield, in the context of the war, following the invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran by [the PMOI, a militant opposition group]”. (p.13)

This claim, it is worth noting, has been proved categorically false again and again.  As noted earlier, many of the men, and women executed in 1988 had been in prison for years for non-violent political activity.  In some cases, the prisoners had already completed their sentences, but the government still refused to release them. Many of those executed belonged to leftist political organizations that never engaged in an armed uprising against Iran’s government.

As noted in UN records, Mr. Mahallati continued to perpetrate this falsehood by claiming that broadcasts by opposition groups to Iran “discredited the information provided by [the PMOI] to the” UN Special Representative on Iran (P. 5). He then called the allegations about the mass executions “political propaganda against the Islamic Republic” (P. 77).

When the United Nations passed a resolution expressing “grave concern” about the mass executions, Mr. Mohammad Mahallati called the resolution “unjust” and said “a terrorist organization based in Iraq” was the main source of the “fake information” included in it (P. 70).

Based on this information, Geoffrey Robertson, a leading international human rights barrister has argued:

In considering the complicity of professionals in crimes against humanity, there is no good reason to exclude diplomats who, knowing the truth, nonetheless lie about them to UN bodies to whom they owe a duty of frankness. Iran’s UN ambassador, Jafar Mahallati, consistently denied the massacres and claimed the allegations were propaganda;… Mahallati is said to be living in the US, where he may be liable to civil action for aiding and abetting torture under the Alien Tort Claim Act.(p. 119)

It is in light of these facts that we were shocked to learn that Oberlin, a school whose mission statement emphasizes “an enduring commitment to a sustainable and just society” is now home to Mr. Mahallati.  We believe that the sources linked above demonstrate his past role in the cover-up of crimes against humanity and his blatant lies to the international community in the service of such criminality, and that these are entirely inconsistent with Oberlin’s values.  We further believe that his presence at Oberlin is a stain upon your school’s reputation and human rights values. 

It is for this reason that we call upon you to:

  •  review the process by which Mr. Mahallati was hired at Oberlin and the process by which he was granted tenure.  It is critical that we know what due diligence was conducted on Mr. Mahallati before his hiring, whether human rights organization were ever consulted on the role Iran’s former representative to the UN may have played in that country’s human rights crisis, and whether such widely-available information was ignored.
  • remove Mr. Mahallati from his position; and
  • provide an apology from Oberlin College to the victims of the 1988 massacre and their families for hiring and promoting a person who, the evidence above shows, was involved in hiding the crimes against humanity perpetrated against them.

We urge you to investigate this matter at your earliest convenience and ask that you kindly send your response to Kaveh Shahrooz at kshahrooz@post.harvard.edu and Lawdan Bazargan at lbazargan@fullerton.edu.


[Institutional affiliations listed are for identification purposes only and do not imply institutional endorsement]

CC: Members of the Board of Trustees
President of the Oberlin Student Union

List of Signatories
Family Members of the Victims and Former Political Prisoners
1Abani, AliFormer Political Prisoner, Political Activist and University Professor
2Alavi, Dr. HossainPhysician and brother of the victim Mehdi Alavi Shushtari
3Alavi, Edina M.Family member of the victim Mehdi Alavi Shushtari
4Alavi, LalehSister of the victim Mehdi Alavi Shushtari
5Alavi, Mark M.Brother of the victim Mehdi Alavi Shushtari
6Alavi, RaminNephew of the victims Mehdi Alavi Shushtari
7Alizadeh, SolmazDaughter of the victim Mahmoud Alizadeh
8Bakian, HastiNiece of the victim Bijan Bazargan
9Bakian, KayhanNephew of the victim Bijan Bazargan
10BaniAsad, HannaNiece of the victim Bijan Bazargan
11BaniAsad, LeilaNiece of the victim Bijan Bazargan
12Bazargan, BabakBrother of the victim  Bijan Bazargan
13Bazargan, BanafshehSister of the victim Bijan Bazargan
14Bazargan, Dr. NiloofarPhysician and sister of the victim Bijan Bazargan
15Bazargan, LalehSister of the victim Bijan Bazargan
16Bazargan, LawdanFormer Political Prisoner & Sister of the victim Bijan
Bazargan & Political & Human Rights Activist
17Behkish, MansurehFormer Political Prisoner & Sister of the Victims Zahra Behkish, Mohammad Reza Behkish, Mohsen Behkish, Mohammad Ali Behkish, Mahmoud Behkish and Sister-in-Law of victim Siamak Asadian
18Boroumand, Dr. LadanCo-founder of the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation; Daughter of the Victim Abdorrahman Boroumand
19Boroumand, Dr. RoyaExecutive Director of the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation; Daughter of the Victim Abdorrahman Boroumand
20Damavandi, AliBrother of the victim Mohammad Seyed Mohesen
21Damghani, SamanFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
22Ebrahim Zadeh, BagherBrother of the victim Dr. Gholam Ebrahimzadeh
23Emam, MojtabaFriend of the victims Akbar Samim, Hamid Chelpalizadeh,
Mohammad Ali Memar and Mehdi Mohammadi
24Farahani, SetarehFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
25Foruzesh, MasoudFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
26Gazrani, ManijehSister of the victim Bahman Gazrani
27Gazrani, ParvinWife of the victim Ali Reza Mohammadi Kamijani
28Ghadrdan, MarjanNiece of the victim Bijan Bazargan
29Hemat Poor, MahinFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
30Labadi, MinaWife of the victim Ali Asghar Zeighami
31Khalafi, FiroozehWife of the victim Gholam Reza (Hesam) Yeganeh
32Khani, AhadFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
33Milani, ShahinExecutive Director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), Son of Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani, disappeared by Iranian regime and presumed executed
34Maneshi, BaharehDaughter of the victim Abbas Ali Maneshi Roodsari
Sister of the victim Heybatollah Moini-Chaghravand
36Moghadam, RezvanWife victim of the victim Ali Asghar Manuchehrabadi
37Mostafavi, BehrouzFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
38Nejati, ShahnazFormer Political Prisoner
39Ranji, ZahraWife of the victim Naser Halimi Asl
40Rezvani, BabakFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
41Rostamalipour, GitaWife of victim Mohammad Nabi Jadidi and Sister of the victim Parvis Rostamlipour
42Rostamalipour, SimaSister of the victim Parvis Rostamlipour
43Rostamalipour, VidaWife of the victim Majid Ivani and Sister of the victim Parvis Rostamalipour
44Saberi, BanooWife of the victim Abbas Ali Maneshi Roodsari
45Safapour, JamshidFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
46Salmasi, AkbarFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
47Sarvestani, NimaSwedish-Iranian Filmmaker & Brother of the victim Mohammad-Rahim (Rostam) Akbar-Pour Sarvestani
48Shahrooz, KavehSenior Fellow – Macdonald-Laurier Institute;
Nephew of the victim Mehrdad Ashtari
49Shirali Nouri, JamilehSister of Iraj Shirali Nouri
50Taheri Poor, MohammadFamily Member of one of the Victims of 1988
51Talebi Kalkhoran, EsmatWife of victim Abdolmajid Simyari & Sister of Victims Adel Talebi Kalkhoran, Reza Talebi Kalkhoran, and Eltefat Talebi Kalkhoran
52Tayar, SadeghFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
53Tonkaboni, ZohrehWife of the victim Ali Reza Kiayi
54Toobaei, NinaSister of the victim Siamak Toobaei, Niece of the victim Ahmad Nayeri and Mohsen Nayeri
55Vosugh, BehrouzFormer Political Prisoner and Political Activist
56Zanjani, ShahbazFormer Political Prisoner
Other Signatories
57Abghari, Shahla PHDUniversity Professor & Human Rights Activist
58Abghari, Siavash PHDUniversity Professor & Human Rights Activist
59Ahmadian, SimaConcerned Citizen
60Ahmadi, Dr. RaminPhysician and Co-Founder of the Iran Human Rights
Documentation Center (IHRDC)
61Amin, ShadiDirector of Iranian Lesbian & Transgender (6Rang)
62Asgar, IrajCommunity Activist
63Baghernia, Dr. SaraConcerned Citizen
64Bakian, AziConcerned Citizen
65Bandeh Moghadam, EnsiehIndependent Social Activist
66Bandeh Moghadam, MasoudPolitical Activist
67Baradaran Khosroshahi,
Writer, Human Rights Activist
68Bijan Yar, NasrinCivil Activist
69Boniadi, NazaninActor
70Chitsazan, MansourConcerned Citizen
71Dashti Asl, AkramConcerned Citizen
72Dorjee, Dr. TanziAssociate Professor of Human Communication Studies at
California State University, Fullerton
73Ebrahimian, AvaCardiff University of London- Student
74Ebrahimian, NimaConcerned Citizen
75Ebrahimian, SaeedConcerned Citizen
76Faraji, LeyliHuman Rights Activist and Sister of the victim Maryam Faraji
77Foroohar, KambizJournalist
78Forouhar, ParastouArt Professor in Kunsthochschule Mainz
79Ghahremanloo, Dr. IrajConcerned Citizen
80Ghiassiaan, S. Mostafa PHDProfessor Georgia Institute  of Technology
81Ghobadi, SiamakPolitical Activist
82Goharzad, RezaPolitical Analyst and Host of the Radio Program “Politics Today” on KIRN
83Gorgin Poor, MostafaConcerned Citizen
84Hakakian, RoyaAuthor and Co-Founder of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)
85Hakimi, MohsenPolitical Activist
86Hartman, NiaConcerned Citizen
87Kasiri, MehranCommunity Activist
88Khadivi, MahinMember of Iran’s writers Association
89Khorshidi, Hamid (Sirus)Political and Social Activist
90Khoshnood, Dr. KavehAssociate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Yale School of Public Health
91Mansur, NasiCommunity Activist
92Masih, AlinejadAuthor, journalist and women’s rights campaigner
93Matini, MahbubehConcerned Citizen
94Mazur, PeterActivist
95Milani, ShahinExecutive Director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), Son of Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani, disappeared by Iranian regime and presumed executed
96Mir, MammarConcerned Citizen
97Mir, MehdiConcerned Citizen
98Mirzadegi, ShokoohWriter, Journalist, and Cultural Heritage Activist
99Mohabbatizadeh, AkbarHuman Rights Activist
100Mohajer, Dr. ShahabConcerned Citizen
101Nadimi, AliPolitical Activist
102Nafisi, AzarAuthor
103Nayeb Hashem, Dr. HassanPhysician and Human Right Activist
104Nia, GissouHuman Rights Lawyer and Chair of the Iran Human Rights
Documentation Center
105Nice, Geoffrey Sir.Law Professor, Lawyer and Prosecutor in Iran Tribunal
106Parnian, BehzadJournalist & Activist
107Parvania, MaryamConcerned Citizen
108Peimaneh, MollWriter & Human Rights Activist
109Poorkian, HurvashConcerned Citizen
110Rezaei, FatemehHuman Rights Activist
111Rips, LaurenConcerned Citizen
112Rostam Pour, Dr. BehzadConcerned Citizen
113Rostamian, KuroshConcerned Citizen
114Rubin, HelaineEducator and Concerned Citizen
115Sabi, HamidLawyer and Head of the Executive Committee of Iran
116Sadr, ShadiHuman Rights Lawyer, Co-Director of Justice for Iran
117Saeeidin, AfshinPolitical Activist
118Saidi, KiaHuman Rights Activist
119Seyf Ollahi, LeilaPolitical Activist
120Shafiei, Fatemeh PHDAssociate professor and Chair Department of Political Science Spelman College
121Shahbazkhani, MajeedPolitical Activist
122Shakeri, MohammadArtist and Culture and Media Expert
123Sheybani, FaridehConcerned Citizen
124Shirdel, BehrouzConcerned Citizen
125Stewart, MarmarConcerned Citizen
126Suren, BehrouzSocio-Political Activist
127Taheri Poor, MaryamConcerned Citizen
128Tavakoli, BijanConcerned Citizen
129Tehrani, AfsanehConcerned Citizen
130Torabi, Dr. MohammadHuman Rights Activist
131Varahram, FarhadCinematographer & Photographer
132Zarin, Dr. MehrabConcerned Citizen
133Van ClementsParalegal/ IT Specialist
134Parisa HadadazadehConcerned Citizen
135Erika WhitworthTechnical Recruiter
136Sami NethertonAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor II
137Hayden SpiessEditor
138Wallace, ShannonMiddle School Choir Teacher and Concerned Citizen
139Michael HalbertSuarez Consulting- Small Business Owner
140Evelyne GuerreroDelta- Supervisor
141Jessie TallentCase Manager
142Mike GofmanAlaska Airlines- Pilot
143Emily RippleAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor I
144Lovely TanglacanAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor I
145Alexander HortonAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor T
146Brandon WilliamsProject Manager
147Zachary KingCar Detailer
148Jamie WiremanContractor for DFSC
149Katherine DillardConcerned Citizen
150Scott LangeAWARE Wildlife Center- Executive Director
151Tamara MortonConcerned Citizen
152Elizabeth TurnerEnvironmental Educator
153Melissa GreggDog Trainer
154Christopher JonesProduction Key Grip
155Mallory SpiessBusiness Management Associate
156Taft SpiessKendall  College of Art and Design-Student
157Tanner SpiessMarian High School- Student
158Melanie FurrAtlanta Audubon- Education Director
159Kelsey CarterKennel Technician
160Steven ZiglerProduction Rigging Gaffer
161Einola CarterDelivery Driver
162Kolin GonzalezMotorcycle Repairman
163Steve TallentRetired Sales Representative
164Phyllis TallentRetired Administrative Manager
165Cody TallentCanine Trainer
166Michelle AkersRetired Accountant
167Mary WestGrocer
168Pam ConeRetired Boutique Owner
169Tina LeeOlympic College- Student
170Brittany DeanGrocer
171Yarrow KoningProgram Manager
172Terrance MitchellTuskegee University- Veterinary Student
173Allie MentanaProject Manager
174Colleen BurleyProduction Set Dresser
175Leigha LeftenantDebt Collector
176Daniel RayProduction Marine Coordinator
177Barbara ColeBusiness Owner/ Admin Assistant
178Junior Jean-PierreSales Associate
179Monica KotaUniversity of Minnesota- PhD Student
180Brian WattsVeterinary Technician
181Bradley BakerGeorgia Tech- PhD Graduate Research Assistant
182Christina Sue FancherPhysical Therapist
183Geoffrey SpiessAttorney
184Chase ScottVeterinary Assistant
185Bri YoungEnvironmental Health Analyst
186Jess AndersonGeologist
187Ilana McCallisterProduction Accountant
188Michael WhitworthDelivery Driver
189Madeline HoustonConcerned Citizen
190Anna KrikorianUniversity of Ga- Veterinary Student
191Caitlin MurphyPhysicians Assistant
192Andrew DaugettConcerned Citizen
193Shannyn GriffinCustomer Service Supervisor
194Sheilah Rae HollandConcerned Citizen
195Tammi ScarbroSmall Business Owner
196Jennifer UzedaGrocery Clerk
197Alysha BookVeterinary Assistant
198Samuriah SrockGrocery Replenishment Specialist
199Andrea BlasingameAmanda McCarthy Director of Brand Enforcement
200Alexander GarverCat Care Specialist
201Laura Anne Louise HooleyKennel Technician
202Thea MayhewProduction Snake Wrangler
203Mathew LakeConcerned Citizen
204Dr Emily ParsonsVeterinarian
205Leonard YeagerCEO Business owner
206Jeffery LiebertPolice Officer
207Andrhea DalrympleNavy Private
208John DalrympleConcerned High School Citizen
209Michele BrownReceptionist
210Alvin ChonStunt Man
211Atrevelle GilmoreConcerned Citizen
212Joshua WiremanIT Manager
213Dalton DorsetConcerned Citizen
214Zachary FallsMusic Producer
215Ahnisha BrownPart Time Amazon Shopper
216Julian DavisIT Help Desk
217Eddy KanGraphic Design and Video Game Developer
218Jennifer HerringHome Depot- Service Associate
219Darla WarnockParalegal
220Marcus JacksonArmy Field Artillery Lieutenant
221Tamara JenningsConcerned Citizen
222Ellen Lorene KingConcerned Citizen
223Isis PalmerMortgage Specialist
224Alexandra CopelandAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor I
225Sarah BoyleIBM- Senior Business Analyst
226Marielle KromisAWARE Wildlife Center- Wildlife Care Supervisor II
227Angie WhitworthExecutive Assistant
228Rebecca CokerApplications Consultant
229James ColeProfessional Geologist
230Harrison ColeUniversity of Arizona- Student
231Abigail ColeAssistant Bread and Pastry Chef
232Christian Joseph KingConcerned Citizen
233Jennifer CrowleyGeneral Manager
234Lindsay HyattOffice Manager
235Ryan CoxIATSE 479 Production
236Rachael WrightEditorial Service Lead
237Kian BaniAsadConcerned Citizen
238Jordan BudnickFlorida Keys Wildlife Center- Executive Director
239Dennis SempseyEmory University- Gardner
240Ali ParsaCheckers Fast Food- Owner
241Michelle SessionsElementary School Teacher
242Della ShawConcerned Citizen
243James Patton GrahamGolf Course Attendant
244Brett Douglas BaxterConcerned Citizen
245Jake NorthrupKennel Technician
246Beverly GordonDirector of Financial Analytics
247Kellie RobillardSenior Recruiter
248Nicholas Allen SummerourConcerned Citizen
249Nicholas KingConcerned Citizen
250Ryan GordonGeorgia State University- Student/ Warehouse Worker
251Kevin McDougallSenior Recruiter
252Kelly CampDirector of Patient Care
253Micah KikerSQL Developer
254Johnathan BrownCNA
255Norma ThomasRetired Concerned Citizen
256David BerzackConcerned Citizen
257Sean PifferConcerned Citizen
258Carly HotzmanConcerned Citizen
259Bryan AikenConcerned Citizen
260Jason BartholomewConcerned Citizen
261John Mason HollandEngineer
262Candi Cooper GordonHR Specialist
263Angel WhitworthFundraising Manager
264Monte GordonInsurance Salesman
265Itoro EkwereActress/ Model
266Helen LoebRetired Teacher
267Amy DeveauxConcerned Citizen
268Kevin FisherConcerned Citizen
269Jeremy WeimerConcerned Citizen
270Brian MatthewsCollege Student
271Quynh TranCollege Student
272Sarah SmithCollege Student
273Johnathan KimRestaurant Manager
274Chris WeissElectrical Engineer
275Brittany KlineConcerned Citizen
276Amity JordanConcerned Citizen
277Sophia CherribiEmory University- Student
278Sontai-Blu BoydAuburn University- Student
279Nikita PatelUniversity of Georgia- Student
280Cheryl MackHR Manager
281Cheyenne PerkinsNanny
282Shanal WallaceStay at Home Mom
283Kathy HortonConcerned Citizen
284Lindsay GrahamConcerned Citizen
285Edward ButlerConcerned Citizen
286Leslie ParkerConcerned Citizen
287Marty ParkerConcerned Citizen
288Jessyca SextonHousekeeping Manager
289Kelly SextonCustomer Service Representative
290Jacquie St JamesConcerned Citizen
291Doug St JamesConcerned Citizen
292Nan KemberlingCelloist
293William DewberryReceptionist
294Bradley HerringGraphic Designer
295Jason WolfConcerned Citizen
296Elena WolfVeterinary Technician
297Cody KolodziejskiSecurity Officer
298Nicole ParksCNN
299Jill RobertsLoan Officer
300Mark Mac NoniaRetired Military- US Army
301Karen GildeaVeterinary Assistant
302John MillerFullerton College- Student
303Ishika MuchhalCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
304Daniella SilvaCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
305Charles ToddParamedic
306Shana PauGraduate Student
307Mickey RichProduction Lighting Technician
308Robbie AstroveDekalb County Parks Department- Preserve Manager
309Never ChengMaterial Handler
310April ClarkStudent
311Ben WiseStudent
312Arina Reid MartinStudent
313Seraj ParamanuUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
314Hope DavisConcerned Citizen
315Katie SiefStudent
316Promise JollahStudent
317Kimberly XiomaraStudent
318Bradley SwansonConcerned Citizen
319Skylar RosenbergConcerned Citizen
320Eliza BoyantonConcerned Citizen
321Paige LordConcerned Citizen
322Shraddha BhutiyaniStudent
323Lucy RobertConcerned Citizen
324Horeb BerhaneStudent
325Kathleen HooverUniversity of Georgia- Student
326Kathy DoConcerned Citizen
327Wyne KellyConcerned Citizen
328Devonna BlueConcerned Citizen
329Gabrielle StearnsStudent
330Sophia HaggrayStudent
331Mary Kathryn EvansGeorgia Tech University- Student
332Caroline MitchellStudent
333Abigail MchoulStudent
334Andreanna KitasStudent
335Sirriana BlancaStudent
336Leah ThomasEmerson College- Student
337Emily PeruleroStudent
338Virginia Van PeltUniversity if Georgia- Student
339Rachael DoranStudent
340Ali CoulterStudent
341Lily KershStudent
342Evren BasaranStudent
343Kelsey RiosStudent
344Ellie MajdancicStudent
345Miraal SiddiquiStudent
346Maria FernandaStudent
347Kris DrewConcerned Citizen
348Paris MalakianConcerned Citizen
349Maria RampalyStudent
350Dylan ButcherStudent
351Jessic LacUniversity of Georgia- Student
352Jessica ThompsonUniversity of Georgia- Student
353Avery GodwinConcerned Citizen
354Sophie DupontConcerned Citizen
355Christina Garcia-CorralesConcerned Citizen
356Camille ReneeConcerned Citizen
357Sebastian MendezConcerned Citizen
358Jim SalisburyStudent
359Ella’s HintonConcerned Citizen
360Bryan YanUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
361Aly RamirezStudent
362Grace McGrailStudent
363Iris WickhamEmory University- Student
364Amarillis CanoConcerned Citizen
365Delaney KolbensvikConcerned Citizen
366Hasti BakianCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
367Emily BarberConcerned Citizen
368Lee CreelConcerned Citizen
369Christina MariaConcerned Citizen
370Ashley GarciaConcerned Citizen
371Annie ArditiUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
372Mansi PatelGeorgia State University- Student
373Anna MotelConcerned Citizen
374Sophia MwaiselaUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
375Rachael HedrickBiologist/ Veteran Assistant
376Vyvyan HughesNeon Designer/ Film Industry Vendor
377Laura CrouseWildlife Rehabilitator
378Jason MorexraftCFO
379Caroline KulinskiVoice Coach
380Christopher KulinskiAuto Trader- Corporate Vice President
381Louis GonzalezScientist
382Ramon RodriguezTruck Driver
383Neal MattewsConcerned Citizen
384Suzanne MatthewsConcerned Citizen
385Erin Feichtner EasterwoodWater Biologist
386Colin ArrowoodGeorgia State University- PhD Student
387Robert Houshel JrCanine Behavioral Specialist
388Emily SpragueVeterinary Technician
389Diana SadeghiHigh School Student
390Robin KabodvandHigh School Student
391Mariela MarckioliAssistant Vice President/ Money Service Business Bank
392Leah GiammarvaGwinnett Technical College- Student
393Amanda Lee AtkinsConcerned Citizen
394Kristina StraneExecutive Assistant
395Jody DeweeseRetired Police Officer
396Rachael RarickMontessori School Teacher
397Christy McMichael ReevesWildlife Rehabilitator
398Annelise WilsonDoggy Daycare Attendant/ Kennel Technician
399Alinejad, MasihJournalist and Founder of the White Wednesdays Campaign
400Namita MoneyOrganizer
401Elena WolfMother and Preschool Teacher
402Peter MawhinneyConcerned Citizen
403Andrea McGeeConcerned Citizen
404Dustin JohnsonConcerned Citizen
405Mojdeh BakhtiaryReal Estate Agent
406Patti FridrikssonTruck Driver
407Merril ThomasLead Foreman
408Jo BolenBehavioral Therapist
409Jade JohnsonConcerned Citizen
410Adele HarrisConcerned Citizen                                                                                                                                                                                                        
411Sarah KelleyConcerned Citizen
412Kayla McGeeConcerned Citizen
413Inga MasicConcerned Citizen
414Adriana StiversVeterinary Technician
415Kai WilliamsIWRC- Executive Director
416Eric RionConcerned Citizen
417Crissy RionConcerned Citizen
418Martha WattsConcerned Citizen
419Michaela OwenConcerned Citizen
420Daniel JohnsonConcerned Citizen
421Beverly FengUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
422Molly MalloyConcerned Citizen
423Jake HoltConcerned Citizen
424Gracie ElletVirginal Tech- Student
425Leah ShankmanConcerned Citizen
426Ella FloydConcerned Citizen
427Amanda HalbertConcerned Citizen
428Talia CoopersmithUniversity of Pennsylvania- Student
429Emily ZhouGeorgia Tech University- Student
430Siya PatelConcerned Citizen
431Karmen PletikosicConcerned Citizen
432Inaara JadavjiConcerned Citizen
433Lex SchultzYale University- Student
434Kelsey AlexanderConcerned Citizen
435Ann RichmondConcerned Citizen
436Hlina KirosUniversity of Georgia- Student
437Zoe SkeelingConcerned Citizen
438Eloa NoirConcerned Citizen
439Katie LoweConcerned Citizen
440Abby ThienGeorgia Tech University- Student
441Deanna MoyerConcerned Citizen
442Nick WilliamsConcerned Citizen
443Siya PunConcerned Citizen
444Emily Marie RothTrees Atlanta- Arbor Specialist
445Laura ClaireConcerned Citizen
446Jessica SandersConcerned Citizen
447Marie DietzConcerned Citizen
448Cathrine NolanScience Teacher
449Mieshia ConwayConcerned Citizen
450Jessica Lynn McKeeConcerned Citizen
451Kevin HoganEnvironmental Compliance Specialist
452Rebecca PerrySchool Teacher
453Sarah RoblesConcerned Citizen
454Jennifer EdenfieldClaims Adjuster/ Nursing/ Paralegal
455Zuntashe Nicole KennedyConcerned Citizen
456Jennifer ChenTechnology Consultant
457Miles DavisConcerned Citizen
458Graham YoderProduction Props
459Claire GinnaneUniversity of Georgia- Veterinary Student
460Wesley ShepherdCook
461Natalia SchulerAcademy of the Oaks- High School Student
462Jennifer JarvisBaldwin Wallace University- Student
463Isabella SalahshoorUC Riverside- Student
464Simon Jo MartinUC San Diego- Student
465Connor FitzmauriceCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
466Analise TorresCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
467Carter JamesBerkley College of Music- Student
468Karina OsbourneWoodbridge High School- High School Student
469Sophia Van EveryhallCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
470Sydney Michele CastiglioneDrake University- Student
471Rose SayersCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
472Chloe BelleCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
473Paige Van ConantCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
474Perry GoedersCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
475Kaia MulunbaCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
476Madison DehghiCal State Long Beach- Student
477Tyler SandersCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
478Jade RobinsonCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
479Kylie ChristensenCypress College- Student
480Chloe Jane ReyesFullerton College- Student
481Matthew HakelMont Claire State University- Student
482Breanna BowraCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
483Vahid DaneshmandConcerned Iranian Citizen
484Sajjad EslamkhahConcerned Iranian Citizen
485Jordan WilliamsConcerned Citizen
486Amanda GodoyAzusa Pacific University- Student
487Bayla FormanUniversity of Washington- Student
488Selene KlasnerUniversity of Southern California- Student
489Jules MaraCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
490Sean HefnerCal State Fullerton- Student
491Caitlin Abadir- MullallyCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
492Iman AminiPace University- Student
493Gisou SarbavConcerned Canadian Citizen
494Olivia MitchellConcerned London Citizen
495Lauren Sage BrowningCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
496Emmanuel MaderaFullerton College- Student
497Lydia FilippiniCal State Fullerton- Student
498Sophia RahaniotisCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
499Rachael EdelsteinCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
500Emerson BualatCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
501Nikki EmanEnvironmentalist
502Makenzie KimuraWarner Pacific University- Student
503Angelique HamiltonBarista
504Lou Lou AdoraWoodrow High School- High School Student
505Jeannette SrinivasanCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
506Brandon BurnsCal State Fullerton- Student
507McKenna BrennonUniversity of Cincinnati- Student
508Harry GolbyCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
509Danesh NaghibzadCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
510Carolyn Renee AvengerCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
511Jordan LottsEMT
512Kylie GroganActress
513Maia LaromCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
514Pablo de LarranagaCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
515Gabe RivasCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
516Danielle SilvaCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
517Ishika MuchhalCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
518John MillerFullerton College
519Alex GrantCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
520Nina HosseinzadehCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student/ Actress
521Lauren BakerActress
522Krista EliotAmerican Musical and Dramatic Academy- Student
523Natalie D’AmicoCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
524Emonni XConcerned Citizen
525Olivia McknownConnecticut College- Student
526Sophia GabrinettiCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
527Hasti WestHair Stylist
528Shaden AhadiFullerton College- Student
529Niki TavakoliUniversity of Southern California- Graduate Student/ STEM
Center Assistant USC School of Engineering
530Michaela BrownPace University- Student
531Clare MorrisseyCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
532Michael ChenCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
533Caleigh LozitoActress
534Brook TillmanCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
535Samantha SolisFullerton College- Student
536Kristi GundhusAzusa Pacific University- Student
537Oscar FalconCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
538Paris SarbavCanadian High School Student
539Hunter AbulCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
540Mikayla NancePace University- Student
541Taylor MedinaCal State Fullerton- Student
542Amelia WhitneyCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
543August Gray GallCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
544Bayleigh WoodrowUniversity of Southern California Channel Islands- Student
545Keith AhistromFullerton College- Student
546Aidan NicholasConcerned London Citizen
547Tony TorricoCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
548Rachael BaileyUniversity of California Irvine- Student
549Madi ThoeleCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
550Cierra MerrimanBrandman University- Student
551Melanie TanakaBoston Conservatory- Student
552Yunni LinCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
553Diana EsparzaConcerned Citizen
554Aron RudichDartmouth College- Student
555Nick WynnConcerned Citizen
556Jesse SteedmanConcerned Citizen
557Christopher DunlapConcerned Citizen
558Cienna NewettCalifornia Institute of the Arts- Student
559Margaret GillUC Irvine
560Fiona RoseCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
561Denise ChacanacaUCSC
562Rhyan BelangerUCI
563Alyssa GinesSan Diego State University
564Ryann UrConcerned Citizen
565Ariana BakianCal State Long Beach- Student
566Zeni HydenCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
567Sophia PapadopoulosLMU
568Hanna R. ThielConcerned Citizen
569Brent CharlesCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
570Antonia Cruz-KentCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
571Ariella SchultzHaverford College
572Sophie ProtanlConnecticut College
573Alex LandavazoConcerned Citizen
574Katharine MeansCalifornia Institute of Arts
575Karina MajewskiCalifornia Institute of Arts
576Armita MirkarimiWoodbridge High School Student
577Shy SpiegelCalifornia Institute of Arts
578May KostenConnecticut College
579Lauren LouisCal State Fullerton- Student
580Natasha RouchonCal State Long Beach- Student
581Takoda BarrazaCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
582Lauren AyalaConcerned Citizen
583Alexa RouchanCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
584Jordan FoleyCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
585Symone HolmesCalifornia Institute of Arts-Student
586Emma AnbergConcerned Citizen
587Solomon Jackson-HardyNew York University (NYU)
588Ryan ParsaConcerned Citizen
589Summer VickStudent
590Jamil BashirArtist/ Retail Sales
591Christopher MackAthletic Trainer
592Danielle SerenoConcerned Citizen
593Suzanne MoncriefConcerned Citizen
594Randy TaylorConcerned Citizen
595Kristina WarrenProject Delivery Lead for Privacy Software Firm
596Roberto Shawn HooverAttorney
597Yashar FaturachiConcerned Citizen
598Carolyn HumphreysConcerned Citizen
599Carolina KreysaRetired Social Worker
600Megan MaloneyNursing School Student
601Ricky BeighRestaurant Server
602Savannah ConeysRestaurant Server
603Neema tavakolianRestaurant Server
604Julian BrayRestaurant Server
605Sam SlappeyConcerned Citizen
606Kia LallyConcerned Citizen
607Tim SteelConcerned Citizen
608Luis PuertaConcerned Citizen
609Joe JonesConcerned Citizen
610Addy DeleanIBM
611Doug HartEcologist
612Anna ReedNursing School Student
613Alace FraleyBartender
614Kimberly BarcoModel
615Aubre DoernbergConcerned Citizen
616Saffiyah BelenGrad School Student
617Tori PateukCienna Sales Representative
618Brett GraussOncology Medical Assistant Sales Rep
619Samantha JamesTeacher
620Mary Lee PalmerPhotographer
621Colin McCroyRecruiter
622Luke JamesConcerned Citizen
623Beth TreschittaConcerned Citizen
624Austin Erickson401K Sales Rep
625Meghan ProctorFlight Attendant
626Alexis LedesmaMother
627Lauren RiggensGeorgia Pacific
628Julia SparksConcerned Citizen
629James ClerveauFinancial Analyst
630Katherine ZakharovaGuest Experience Services at the Marriott
631Marina ChristineZoo Keeper
632Richa BhardwajModel
633Bergen AugheyContract Supervisor at Insight Global

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